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  • Hexagon head bolts with metric fine thread - DIN 960
    Hexagon head bolts with metric fine thread - DIN 960


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    02 1101 8765 960 82101

    Basic materials

    SteelSteelSteelStainless steelStainless steel

    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    M 8x130225,313100
    M 10x130266,417(16)100
    M 10x1,2535266,417(16)100
    M 12x140307,519(18)100
    M 12x1,2540307,519(18)100
    M 12x1,530367,519(18)100
    M 14x1,535348,822(21)50
    M 16x1,53538102425
    M 18x1,5554211,52725
    M 18x2604211,52725
    M 20x1,5604612,53010
    M 20x2604612,53010
    M 22x1,565501432 (34)10
    M 24x1,57054153610
    M 24x26554153610
    M 27x210060174110
    M 30x2906618,74610
    M 36x31107822,55510
    M 42x314096266510
    Click on the field in the first column you expand all measure. Different dimensions are stated in standard DIN (ISO).
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.