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  • katalog


    Our customers can choose fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, washers, screws, nails, rivets, pins, safety pins, springs and balls made to standards, from a catalogue containing over 110,000 items. A wide range of materials of various strength parameters, thread types, surface treatment methods. 15,500 items on stock.

  • kanban


    Kanban at METALCOM is a modern process of automated provision of fasteners in order to optimize stock levels during repeated series production. This supply system often sells the final product even before the consumed fasteners have been paid for.

  • Atypical products

    Atypical products

    Production of nonstandard fasteners according to technical drawings or samples is an important part of our program offer. Custom shapes, various types of thread, material, surface treatment and packing are often used by our customers from the industrial manufacturing segment.

  • Reference


    Our offer of fasteners for a wide range of products is nearly endless. Apart from standard products, our customers buy fasteners for railroad superstructure, for installation of road railing systems, for special steel structures, for steel masts in power engineering, or for production of telecommunication technology.