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  • Hexagon socket screws plugs, cyl. thread - DIN 908
    Hexagon socket screws plugs, cyl. thread - DIN 908


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    02 1919 908

    Basic materials

    SteelBrassStainless steelStainless steel

    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    dcDist minl
    M 10x131485511
    M 12x1,5317126715
    M 14x1,5319126715
    M 16x1,53211287,515
    M 18x1,54231287,516
    M 20x1,542514107,518
    M 22x1,542714107,518
    M 24x1,542914127,518
    M 26x1,54311612920
    M 30x1,54361617920
    M 30x24361617920
    M 33x1,55391617921
    M 33x25391617921
    M 36x1,5542161910,521
    M 36x2542161910,521
    M 38x1,5544161910,521
    M 39x2546161910,521
    M 42x1,5549162210,521
    M 42x2549162210,521
    M 45x1,5552162210,521
    M 45x2552162210,521
    M 48x1,5555162410,521
    M 48x2555162410,521
    M 52x1,5560162410,521
    M 52x2560162410,521
    M 56x256420321425
    M 60x256820321425
    M 64x257220321425
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.