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  • Hexagon head screws with metric fine thread
    Hexagon head screws with metric fine thread


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    02 1103 8676 961 82105

    Basic materials


    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    M 8x1105,313200
    M 10x1166,417(16)200
    M 10x1,25106,417(16)200
    M 12x1207,519(18)100
    M 12x1,25167,519(18)100
    M 12x1,5167,519(18)100
    M 14x1,5168,822(21)100
    M 16x1,520102450
    M 18x1,52511,52725
    M 18x24511,52750
    M 20x1,52512,53025
    M 20x23012,53025
    M 22x1,5301432 (34)25
    M 24x1,530153625
    M 24x230153625
    M 27x260174110
    M 30x1,56018,74610
    M 30x25018,74610
    M 36x38022,55510
    _Kliknutím na údaj v prvním sloupci rozbalíte všechny rozměry. Rozdílné rozměry jsou uvedeny v normě DIN (ISO).
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.