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  • Slotted nuts round for hook spanner - DIN 70852
    Slotted nuts round for hook spanner - DIN 70852


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    02 1449 70852

    Basic materials


    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    M 10x1204,5525
    M 12x1,5224,5625
    M 14x1,5244,5625
    M 16x1,5285,5625
    M 18x1,5305,5610
    M 20x1,5325,5610
    M 22x1,536 (35)6,5710
    M 24x1,5386,5710
    M 26x1,5406,5710
    M 28x1,5426,571
    M 30x1,5446,571
    M 32x1,548 (50)781
    M 35x1,550781
    M 38x1,554781
    M 40x1,556 (55)781
    M 42x1,560881
    M 45x1,562881
    M 48x1,565881
    M 50x1,568881
    M 52x1,570881
    M 55x1,575881
    M 60x1,5801191
    M 65x1,5851191
    M 70x1,5901191
    M 75x1,595 (100)11101
    M 80x1,510011101
    M 85x1,5108 (110)11101
    M 90x1,511211101
    M 95x1,5118 (120)11101
    M 100x1,512511101
    M 105x1,513011101
    M 110x1,513813121
    M 115x1,5145 (150)13121
    M 120x1,515013121
    M 125x1,515513121
    M 130x1,516013121
    M 140x1,517013121
    M 150x1,518013121
    _Rozdílné rozměry jsou uvedeny v normě DIN (ČSN).
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.