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We can even pack the impossible

  • Pobočka 
    Czech republic
  • 9. 05. 2016
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  • Based on our customers’ needs, in 2015 we introduced a new service – we pack sets of components of various types into polyethylene bags, cartons or boxes which our customers use for mounting or as protective packaging for their product, whether it involves fasteners themselves or an entirely different material.

    In under a year of manual assembly, we have not only begun to put together the supplied fasteners into sets/kits, but also to assemble parts of these and to complement them with further components. These services required modifications to part of our warehouse space and the securing of trained staff.  We have successfully passed an endurance test, and so the volume of these orders is gradually increasing. For example, for one customer, a multi-national telecommunications company, we are already currently processing three tons of material per month which, to illustrate, entails approximately:

    • 3000 boxes
    • in each box 7 packages of (various types of) components
    • in each box 380-400 pcs of components