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Horses at METALCOM?

  • Pobočka 
    Czech republic
  • 29. 11. 2016
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  • There are many types of horses – you will not find noble and beautiful racehorses in Úmonín, but horses rescued from slaughter houses, ill and abandoned horses. All of them are taken care of by Mrs Zlata from the Pamír horse shelter, to which we granted asylum. Watch the video about them made by the Czech TV crew and broadcast on the “Chcete mě” programme.

    We granted asylum to the Pamír horse shelter taking care of ill, old and abandoned horses in our METALCOM premises in Úmonín. And it was for this reason that the “Chcete mě” programme crew recently visited us. In this episode, which premiered on ČT 2 on 13 November 2016, from minute 12:28, you can see that the rescue of animals is not at all easy. And it is 100 times truer in the case of horses. Most of the horses that you can see here in our premises are enjoying their horse retirement or have some kind of injury or disease. And working with them is not easy either. Therefore, any form of help is always welcome.

    For more information, including contact details, go to the Pamír shelter website.