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  • Hole nuts with set pin holes inside (W-unhardened, unground) - DIN 1816 W
    Hole nuts with set pin holes inside (W-unhardened, unground) - DIN 1816 W


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    1816 W

    Basic materials


    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    M 8x120162,551,50,5410
    M 10x125203620,5410
    M 12x1,528233620,5410
    M 14x1,530254720,5410
    M 16x1,532274720,5410
    M 18x1,53428482,50,5410
    M 20x1,53630482,50,5410
    M 22x1,54034492,50,5410
    M 24x1,54236492,50,5410
    M 26x1,5453851030,5410
    M 28x1,5504351030,5410
    M 30x1,5504351030,5410
    M 32x1,5524551130,541
    M 35x1,5554851130,541
    M 38x1,558505113,50,541
    M 40x1,562546123,50,541
    M 42x1,562546123,50,541
    M 45x1,568606123,50,561
    M 48x1,575676133,50,561
    M 50x1,575676133,50,561
    M 52x1,5807061340,561
    M 55x1,5807061340,561
    M 58x1,5908061340,561
    M 60x1,5908061340,561
    M 62x1,5958581440,561
    M 65x1,5958581440,561
    M 68x1,51009081440,561
    M 70x1,51009081440,561
    M 72x1,511010081440,561
    M 75x1,511010081440,561
    M 80x21151058164161
    M 85x21201108164161
    M 90x21301208164161
    M 95x21351208165161
    M 100x21451308165161
    M 105x21551408165161
    M 110x21551408165161
    M 115x216515010185161
    M 120x216515010185161
    M 125x218016510185181
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.