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  • Slotted nuts locknuts KM - DIN 981
    Slotted nuts locknuts KM - DIN 981


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape

    Basic materials


    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    KM 0M 10x0,751834
    KM 1M 12x12234
    KM 2M 15x12545
    KM 3M 17x12845
    KM 4M 20x13246
    KM 5M 25x1,53857
    KM 6M 30x1,54557
    KM 7M 35x1,55258
    KM 8M 40x1,55869
    KM 9M 45x1,565610
    KM 10M 50x1,570611
    KM 11M 55x275711
    KM 12M 60x280711
    KM 13M 65x285712
    KM 14M 70x292812
    KM 15M 75x298813
    KM 16M 80x2105815
    KM 17M 85x2110816
    KM 18M 90x21201016
    KM 19M 95x21251017
    KM 20M 100x21301018
    KM 21M 105x21401218
    KM 22M 110x21451219
    KM 23M 115x21501219
    KM 24M 120x21551220
    KM 25M 125x21601221
    KM 26M 130x21651221
    KM 27M 135x21751422
    KM 28M 140x21801422
    KM 29M 145x21901424
    KM 30M 150x21951424
    KM 31M 155x32001625
    KM 32M 160x32101625
    KM 33M 165x32101626
    KM 34M 170x32201626
    KM 36M 180x32301827
    KM 38M 190x32401828
    KM 40M 200x32501829
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.