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  • Hexagon nuts thin - DIN 936
    Hexagon nuts thin - DIN 936


    ČSN ISO DIN PN/M Other Shape
    02 1403 936

    Basic materials

    SteelSteelBrassStainless steelStainless steel

    Basic coatings


    Dimensions (see 2D picture)

    M 8513
    M 8x1513
    M 10617
    M 10x1617
    M 12719
    M 12x1,25719
    M 12x1,5719
    M 14822
    M 14x1,5822
    M 16824
    M 16x1,5824
    M 18927
    M 18x1,5927
    M 18x2927
    M 20930
    M 20x1,5930
    M 20x2930
    M 221032
    M 22x1,51032
    M 22x21032
    M 241036
    M 24x1,51036
    M 24x21036
    M 271241
    M 27x1,51241
    M 27x21241
    M 301246
    M 30x1,51246
    M 30x21246
    M 331450
    M 33x1,51450
    M 33x21450
    M 361455
    M 36x1,51455
    M 36x31455
    M 391660
    M 39x1,51660
    M 39x31660
    M 421665
    M 42x1,51665
    M 42x31665
    M 451870
    M 45x1,51870
    M 45x31870
    M 481875
    M 48x1,51875
    M 48x31875
    M 522080
    M 52x1,52080
    M 52x32080
    Data about packing are only informative and can be slightly different in reality.